The Caterpillar and the Bubble Blower.

I keep coming back to my daughter being a genius. We did some still life painting together, and she chose to paint her bubble blower and she asked that I paint her pink IKEA cup. I was all game for it until I realised that I had no clue how to paint fluorescent pink in watercolour. I think I actually have to buy fluorescent pink paint. So the colour is way off and I might have to try painting this cup again. Once again she has stumped me with a seemingly mundane subject! Although it was a fun little object study with a new shadow to paint.

I was completely amazed that she did a fairly decent representation of the bubble blower, getting all the basic shapes and colours right (better than I had done), and this all was done through her own observation without any imput from me. Not bad for a four year old (as I said — genius!). Her finished painting veers off the representational path a bit and has a caterpillar added in the bottom right corner (I believe the dots are his footsteps). I think it’s a lovely painting.

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