Sick As a Dog…and Still Awesome! ;)

It is now day three of me being sick as a dog. I went to bed last night with this painting still unfinished, and had accepted that I would have to post an in-progress image of it. I had the post ready to go this morning, but I really didn’t want to post it as it was. Then I thought I would just paint a bit more before I resigned myself to posting it as incomplete, and lo and behold it came together in a half an hour!

Here are the in-progress images (you can see why I wasn’t happy with it — very early stages). I guess I am too much of a perfectionist. I hate posting in-progress stuff. I hated it in University too. I don’t like being critiqued on unfinished work. People telling me what I should do to finish something when I was already planning on what I was going to do. If they tell me to do something that I was already intending on doing then they will think it was their idea that I am using. I hate that. Maybe I just don’t like being told what to do. I thought I had matured a lot since University — apparently not in this area.

3 thoughts on “Sick As a Dog…and Still Awesome! ;)

    1. Thank you Stephen :) I am finding that lately there have been a lot of times that I really don’t feel like painting but once I force myself to do it I end up doing some good painting.

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