It’s never too late for a spring clean! Or maybe I’m just really early…

Marie's tea cup #1, Nov. 2012, watercolour on paper 9 x 12

Back to doing tea-cups! This is a commission I’m doing for a friend who is currently downsizing; she asked me to paint two tea-cups that belonged to her mother so she can keep the paintings and not the cups once she moves into her new place. I think it’s a fantastic idea as I am also currently purging every corner of my house. Must be something in the air right now.

Plus I think this is my best tea-cup to date. I think being paid to do something has made me more careful and less lazy. I spent a lot more time trying to get the shape and pattern right. Here is the painting next to my still life with the two cups (no natural light in my studio so it is hard to photograph in there, looks darker than it is). I set up both tea-cups at the same time so I could make sure the compositions of the two paintings will look nice as a pair. I started with the “easier” tea-cup. I’ll be starting on the yellow and pink and gold one next.

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