Painting of September 19th Bento.

September 19th Bento, September, 2014, watercolour on paper

I started working on a new project and I am quickly remembering that full projects, as opposed to one-off paintings each week, are a lot more involved. I had grand plans to finish the whole project in a week and I am not nearly done so this is a work in progress post. This was the first painting for it, but I had planned to do some digital outlining on it and it isn’t going so well; I might need to try a different program to do the outlining–the one I was using was fine for landscapes, but trying to do very precise line work is proving to be tricky. Then I considered painting the outlines directly onto the painting, but the looseness of the painting is really nice right now. Plus this morning Poppy raved about this painting when she saw it in the kitchen–she said that it looked so real it looked like there was a Bento lunch sitting on the table :)

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