Heart Egg Bento Painting.

Heart Egg Bento, Feb. 2015, watercolour on paper 11in. x 13in.

With doing all those Sharpie sketches I actually had time to miss painting with watercolour. And I forgot that I wanted to do a “before and after” for my next painting, so that will have to be later…when I feel like it.

I am noticing that the bento lunches I am choosing to paint are the most colourful ones–I’m really drawn to ones that have blue, green, and yellow in them. I remember my mom always telling me that you should strive for at least three colours on your plate at meals, and although I do try to make all her bento lunches colourful, sometimes (if we need to go shopping) there is a lot of beige and red. It is also a lot trickier to get green in the bentos since she decided she is allergic to all vegetables except carrots. This is also unfortunate because the edamame has become one of my favourite things to paint.

I should list what is in this bento lunch:

Top tier–Pocky sticks

Middle tier–heart-shaped egg, edamame, a plum, and crab meat

Bottom tier–pretzel mix and cantaloupe.

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