Neighborhood Paintings – Day 16

The Old Park Location, Apr, 6, 2017, watercolour on paper

It was a beautiful morning here. I went over to the old park location by our house. They’ve moved the park now so it is actually closer to our house, and all that remains of the old park is two benches and large square of different coloured grass where they filled it in. But this is the park that Poppy and I spent a lot of time at when she was little. It was a bit further to walk, especially with a toddler, so I always brought snacks for us to have before we had to set off for home again. The park had the old style tall metal swings that were big enough for adults, and you can’t see it here, but behind all those purplish clouds on the horizon are the Rocky Mountains. I would swing and swing looking at that spectacular view of the mountains while Poppy played.

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