Neighborhood Paintings – Day 17

Street at Dusk, Apr. 5, 2017, watercolour on paper, 11 x 14

Since I’ve started doing these daily paintings, I’ve been seeing a lot of sunsets and dusks that I want to paint. I’ll be sitting there in the living room, done my painting and blog post for the day, and then there will be this amazing sky. And then I debate with myself about whether to paint it or not, or whether I am too tired or not, or if I even have time before the light will be gone. This is one I did the other night. I debated with myself until it was almost too late and then I painted it fast and furious in 20 minutes time before it was too dark. I thought I would try another one tonight since it was a work day, but tonight’s did not work out–I barely had the painting roughed in and it became too dark to see. I think I want to try more of these though.

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