Neighborhood Paintings – Day 18

Treed Area, Apr. 8, 2017, watercolour on paper

Two blocks over from our house there is one of those large treed areas. We came tobogganing here once when Poppy was little, and a couple of times Poppy and I had picnics here. It’s odd that we didn’t come over here more often, although I still drive by it a few times every week because I prefer driving on the less busy back streets.

The area is triangular shaped and surrounded by houses. No park or benches, just lots of trees. Each corner has a cluster of 4 or 5 evergreens and all the trees are massive. I could not find an angle that showed how large the area was or how huge some of the trees were, so I just picked a nice view. I could almost spend a week just painting the trees here.


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