Neighborhood Paintings: Summertime – Day 9

In Bloom, Jun. 14, 2017

This started out as a rainy day painting as the view from my living room. Then when I was almost done, the sun came out so I added all the shadows and Voila! A sunny day painting!

I had really wanted to paint the masses of snow-in-summer flowers that are in full bloom right now. They are very tricky to paint because they are white and they do just look like masses of white snow sometimes. When I did the other painting of the snow-in-summer plants by my back deck they weren’t quite in full bloom, and the back yard ones don’t do as well as the front yard ones in full sun. I feel like a need to do many more snow-in-summer paintings to get it right and do them justice.

And here is this view from the springtime paintings just for fun:


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