Neighborhood Paintings: Summertime – Day 22

Mountainview, Jun. 27, 2017

I went to the park today and found a new view to paint. This park is really long–it spans a few city blocks–and there is a playground at one end, then an offleash dog area and pathway in the middle, and then this open area where the playground used to be at the far end. I was at the far end today, but in a new spot that I have not painted from before. A man came up from the commercial buildings down below to see my painting, which was nice; I was so much in the zone that I did not notice him until he was right behind me. It was a gorgeous day and I set myself up in the shade of a spruce tree because it was so hot. I am finding that I am doing that more often–looking for a shady spot to paint from. I also not only brought my little folding chair, but one of my deck cushions as well to sit on. I must be getting old because sitting outside for an hour or two to paint now makes me sore. I remember when I used to just sit on the ground and sometimes I would even just crouch down for an entire painting. Those were the days.


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