Neighborhood Paintings: Summertime – Day 23

Treed Park, Jun. 28, 2017

I went back over to the treed area near our house today. I’m surprised there isn’t more bits of stuff stuck in this painting because it was super windy and a lot of dirt got into my paints. And this giant spider kept climbing into my bag. I got him out only to find him crawling up my leg later on, making me drop my painting and flip my chair over. It must have been entertaining for anyone watching me paint. Between the spider, and the ants crawling on my sandaled feet, and the dirt in my palette this felt like a bit of a frantic painting and I was glad to be finished. Though it’s a good thing I was done a bit earlier today because about ten minutes after I got home it clouded over, and it looks like the rain that is forecast for today is about to start. I painted almost this same view in the spring and it’s neat to see how much the trees and shrubs obscure the houses now.

Treed Area, Apr. 8, 2017, watercolour on paper, 11"x15"

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