7 paintings in 7 days?? Oh well. I tried.

The last week in June when all my perennials were in full bloom, I decided to set myself a goal and try to do 7 paintings in 7 days. I did manage to do 4 and 1/2 paintings in 5 days and then I kind of burnt out.  I finally went back to finish the fifth painting and rework a background that I still wasn’t happy with.

Also, as a testament to my ultimate laziness, when I started the first painting I discovered I was out of white paint; rather than go buy some I decided to try painting without white. It was interesting to paint without white, and it made me realize that I may rely on it a little too much. The first painting became very moody with very rich colours, and it reminded me that one of my instructors had once said to beware of white paint since it can kill your colour.

So the first 3 paintings (the Snapdragons, the Lilacs and the orange background Snow-in-summer) were done without any white paint. Any white you see is the gessoed ground. This required a little more planning than I’m used to as well since I had to try not to cover any light reflections early on.

The whole project was an interesting exercise and for the final 2 paintings I decided to use white and found myself using it sparingly.


10 thoughts on “7 paintings in 7 days?? Oh well. I tried.

    1. Wait – those arent snapdragons and I am not a flower expert! Regardless, I still really like the green bottle.

      1. Thanks Meredith! Yeah, the green bottle one is with Bleeding Hearts. I keep tweaking that one. Maybe I should just leave it alone and start something new :)

  1. dayna, do you ever sell your paintings? i can never stand to part with mine…but if you are willing to sell, i would be interested in purchasing one. :)

    1. I do sell my paintings. I’ve found that although I don’t like parting with them, I am usually ready to sell them after they aren’t my newest (and therefore favourite) creations so I may as well sell them when people want them. Plus I simply have too many paintings for my little bungalow house :P

  2. i love the snapdragons and the bleeding hearts in the jager bottle. the bleeding heart one is so different than the others. it’s softness and shadow reminds me a little of georgia o keef florals.

    1. Thanks! I struggled a lot with that one.
      Though make sure you click on the painting and then enlarge it to see it better (these photos aren’t the best).

  3. I love the bleeding hearts paining, they are probably one of the most nostalgic flowers for me of all time. O remember my aunt puling it apart and telling me the story that goes with it.

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