Watercolour Wednesday — An old pint jar and a mason jar twice.

The Sunday Studio time seems to be becoming my watercolour painting time. It’s just so much easier than lugging around my acrylic paints—especially since I use the big tubs of acrylic paint. My painting bag seems to be getting heavier. (GAH! I’m getting old!)

The first one with the two jars was done pretty quickly. It’s nice and loose and I really like the transparency of the mason jar. The second one I spent a little more time on. Unfortunately I didn’t notice at the time that the roundness of the mouth is a bit off. Oh well, they’re all just studies right?

…And check out the fancy signatures! That’s for my mom :)

4 thoughts on “Watercolour Wednesday — An old pint jar and a mason jar twice.

  1. That’s funny! I noticed your signature right away, very nice! I do love your jar and vase studies. So relaxing, like Zoe sleeping on my head and purring.

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