First You Take a Rainbow Monkey Sweater…

Poppy in her Monkey Sweater, Feb. 2014, watercolour on paper (3)Poppy in her Monkey Sweater, Feb. 2014, watercolour on paper (4)

So I’m back! I am going to start doing my weekly posts again because otherwise I do absolutely nothing, as I have discovered. It may not always be watercolour so I think I will just call them weekly posts instead of Watercolour Wednesdays. And to start I’m cheating a little because I did this one a few months ago and wasn’t happy with it, but I need to just get back into doing posts and Wednesday keeps coming around and I have nothing new so I am just going to start posting. Though I don’t know why I feel it always needs to be something new–it’s my blog so in theory I can do whatever my heart desires…

Anyway, I liked the looseness of the watercolour but I got hung up on the fact that it doesn’t look like my daughter. I had wanted to do some portraits of my daughter but it is too difficult to get her to sit for me so I used a photo for it. I don’t like working from photos, I find it harder to “capture” the person or whatever it is I am painting, so I might need to practise this. BUT THEN just for fun I included a couple cropped versions of the painting, because I always love looking at close-ups of paintings, and I liked the crops far better than the original. I just want to do a giant watercolour of that first crop of her ponytail and sweater! I also find this interesting because I just cleaned and reorganized my studio again and in my studio purge I had torn up some ugly watercolour paintings to throw out, and then noticed that some of the torn bits were actually really nice little watercolours in and of themselves, so that is what my studio bulletin board is filled with now–cropped pieces of discarded watercolours. And also I just had my aunt asking about an old watercolour on my blog–which was a bit of an experiment for me trying to do a large-scale abstract watercolour (it was 30 inches by 40 inches) and keep that watercolour style brushwork. And I actually didn’t put together that there was a connection in these things until I started writing this post, but there it is–I want to zoom in on these smaller parts of the watercolours and work with them for a bit–make them bigger and explore the mark-making. It all seems so clear to me now. All of this is leading somewhere, although I haven’t actually done anything… yet. And just like that I am super excited about art again. It sure took me long enough…

Poppy in her Monkey Sweater, Feb. 2014, watercolour on paper

Large Reflection Watercolour, Feb. 2013, watercolour on paper 30 x 40

3 thoughts on “First You Take a Rainbow Monkey Sweater…

  1. I must have missed this but oh my gosh! What an absolutely beautiful painting of Poppy! I love it, the expression, the colours. You perfectly captured a moment from childhood.

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