A Bigger and Better Ponytail.

Poppy's Ponytail, July 2014, watercolour on paper 25in. x 38in.This is a continuation of the post I did two weeks ago about my daughter’s Rainbow Monkey Sweater (see that post here). I loved the mark-making in the cropped versions of the watercolour I did of Poppy, and I wanted to do them big–so that’s what this is. I taped a large sheet of paper to my studio floor and used the biggest brushes I own and worked from the original watercolour. Here it is in progress: Painting in progress.And here it is hanging in my studio: Studio and paintings

I think I will still need to work on getting that watercolour style brushwork translated to the larger scale. Then after I photographed the new painting, I started cropping in on it as well–as if I am zooming in and zooming in, increasing the magnification. It actually feels like I am doing the prep work for large silk screens or something–they don’t feel “done” as they are. It’s been many years since I did any printing on printing presses, and the thought makes me miss having the unlimited access to the printing presses that I had in University, and for that matter, being able to go in to the studios late at night to work. My husband and I used to entertain the notion of putting a printing press in our house once we got one, but it never did happen. Interesting though–something for me to think about.

Detail 1Detail 2Detail 3

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