Neighborhood Paintings – Day 2

And I thought yesterday was chilly…

Today I went to the park by our house and I was so excited to see the mountains in the distance that I hunkered down at the top of the hill facing the mountains in the west. I did not really realize that I was also facing into the wind and at times I had to use both hands to hold my paper down. By the end I could not feel my fingertips, and my hands were all leathery and shrivelled. It sure didn’t look that cold when I started out.

I’ve painted the view from this park quite a few times–looking west you see the mountains or the hospital where my daughter was born, and looking north you see downtown Calgary. But today I decided that rather than editing out some of the elements in my view for the painting, I was going to try to include as much of it as possible–the trees in the foreground, the powerlines, the parked cars, the Canada Post mailbox… which also meant the painting took me a bit longer to do.

Tomorrow might have to be something a bit simpler.

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