Neighborhood Paintings – Day 9

Sunset, Mar. 29, 2017, watercolour on paper, 11 x 14

I got a sunset! Though it is yesterday’s sunset. I don’t know why I was thinking I could plan out when I was going to paint a sunrise or sunset–you just have to catch them when they’re good. I was sitting in the living room last night, all done my painting and blog post for the day, and there it is–a beautiful sunset outside. I was saying to my husband that the good sunrises and sunsets were only happening on days that I wasn’t painting them.  He asked me why I didn’t just paint it right then. And he was right. Why was I setting up rules for myself that I could not break? Yes, I am trying to do a painting every day, but if I do more than a painting a day isn’t that even better? Following this sunset was also an amazing moonscape that I wish I had painted, but I debated about it just a bit too long and missed it.

This also prompted an interesting bedtime discussion with my daughter about what inspiration is and what inspires us. We talked about the old Kikwi comics she used to make and how The Legend of Zelda had been the inspiration for them (see those posts here and here). Then she asked if I could skip painting the next day since I had done two paintings that day. I said that I would see. She said it was too bad I hadn’t painted the moon as well because than I could skip TWO days, which would then start to defeat the purpose.

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