First Ikea, Then I’ll Paint.

I discovered some new shadows to paint! And in my studio of all places. Imagine that. I’ve meant to start working in there again and now it looks like I will be. I was in there late last night with no painting done for today, moving things around, and I moved a bottle off of my side table on to my watercolour pad and all these beautiful shadows appeared. Mostly because I have multiple light sources in the studio, but I guess I haven’t noticed them before because I don’t have any white floors or walls or tables in there. Much easier to see all the different shadows on a white surface. I think I’ve got to deal with some of the clutter that’s piled up in there…maybe with some new shelving…and then maybe I’ll paint the walls…hmm I feel “project-mode” coming on! It may also be because the new Ikea catalogue arrived yesterday; I’m itching to do the whole house now.

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